Acting is a specific activity in which an actor presents

Acting is a specific activity in which an actor presents a drama to the audience, usually through the act of acting. In acting, a certain amount of acting is needed; the difference between acting and literature is that acting requires more than mere presence of mind. It requires skill, aesthetic sense, emotional imagination, as well as a certain amount of familiarity with the medium (it may be theater, cinema, stage, television, radio, or literature). Actors have to pay special attention to the details of the characters’ personalities and historical events. The historical events that are studied are usually those in which acting is most commonly required.

Julian Brand

When studying acting, it is also important to study the history of acting. Though acting has evolved over time, it has also always come under historical and social scrutiny. Many theories on acting have been formulated. Among these, the most popular ones are influenced by the theories of acting put forward by such artists as Marlowe, Shakespeare, Montaigne, Jonson, and other more contemporary artists.

Today, acting continues to be researched and examined. There are many conferences, seminars, workshops, and workshops organized to study acting. Some of these include the New York chapter of Association of Independent Educators of acting (NIIA), the Chicago chapter of the Research Society of American Theater (RSA), and the International Academy of Arts and Sciences (IAAS). A particular interest that is shared by many academics and scholars of acting is that acting is art, and like any other art, it has both the theoretical and the emotional elements.