Avoiding Choker Bugs in Your City Apartment

There is so much more to a New York City Apartment than large walls, floors, and window-like windows – and much of it isn’t visible to the untrained eye, especially one who hasn’t rented in the big city before. To avoid unpleasant surprises later on, be prepared to assess each prospective apartment with an unbiased eye of a seasoned renter. Ask yourself the following questions: Is the apartment in a good neighborhood? Will my neighbors be kind and understanding?.

The Prestige City

Apartment Living 101 NYC’s rent market is highly competitive, so most landlords want to avoid “bed bugs” by showing genuine interest in all prospective renters’ lifestyles as well as their expectations about the apartment itself. But there are signs that a landlord isn’t totally honest: If you aren’t able to find any references for the apartment, then call the landlord directly and ask for references. If the landlord refuses, or doesn’t know where any references are, then it’s probably best to move on and consider another, fresher apartment. Landlords who lie about bed bug history or otherwise try to diminish the value of their rental units by offering outdated information are definitely going to get bad reviews, and you should avoid them like the plague.

Bed bug history is serious business in NYC, as it has been for years. Thousands of people have contracted the creepy-crawlies in this Big Apple, and some of them have died of what are known as “infestation.” That’s why many local and national groups have formed task forces to help fight this pest problem: After all, the spread of choker bugs in New York City alone has cost hotels millions in clean up costs! Fortunately, many landlords are paying attention to this problem and moving forward with caution, taking steps to screen potential tenants or have them evicted if they have been found to have a history of infestations. But the bottom line is that you should always be careful when signing a lease or doing anything else in a New York City apartment, because if your landlord is hiding something, then the consequences can be dire. Be aware, and safe.