Basic Lawn Care Methods for Beginners

Lawn care is one of the most important things to be considered for a yard. A well-maintained lawn is a flat area of land planted with durable grasses and other permanent plants like clover that are kept at a minimum height with a lawn mower and utilized for recreational and aesthetic purposes. It is the job of the lawn care professional to maintain the lawn and make it a beautiful place to enjoy the day.

The lawn is a major part of the home, as it adds beauty to the house and accentuates the exterior of the property. Lawns are the first thing that people see when they approach your home. There are some simple but essential tasks that should be done on a regular basis by anyone who is responsible for the maintenance of his lawn and gardens. One of the most important lawn care maintenance tasks is watering the lawns. Watering the lawns should be done once a week during spring time, once a month in summer and once a year in winter.

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When it comes to watering the lawns, it is recommended that a sprinkler system with a timer is best, as this will control the water that is dispensed, avoiding it from being wasted on areas that are not actually used. This also prevents the lawns from becoming dry and without nutrients due to lack of watering. Another lawn care task is seeding. Seeding refers to the practice of creating the topsoil or planting a seed so that it will take root and be able to survive in the ground.

Aerating is the process of removing the topsoil and layer the seed in its place, in order to give it the nutrition that it needs to grow properly. Both seeding and aeration require the services of a lawn mower, as only aeration can do the work by itself without the help of a machine. Aeration is also very important when it comes to removing large amounts of leaves that fall on the lawns, as these can contain harmful substances that are harmful to the lawn care.