Bodyguard Training

Bodyguard protection has become a very important aspect of business and law enforcement since September 11th, 2021 when two airplane hijackers flew into a building in New York and took hundreds of innocent lives. In the aftermath, the public saw that protecting the innocent was not only the right thing to do, it was necessary. The media started to depict the acts of these hijackers as a reason for the US to beef up its defense capabilities. As a result, the US created the National Security Agency (NSA) and began creating programs to protect against international terrorism.

After September 11th, more attention was focused on protecting our troops overseas from harm, and so many people were searching for Bodyguard protection Bodyguard executive protection Bodyguard protection bodyguards provide a unique service that helps to ensure our nation’s troops are not unnecessarily put in harm’s way. Many Bodyguard services provide Bodyguard protection to corporate executives and government officials, celebrities, sports figures, and anyone else who may require immediate protection around the clock. When choosing Bodyguard protection Bodyguards often work for a company at first until they can find Bodyguard executive protection Bodyguards can also be hired privately by a private individual. Bodyguard protection Bodyguards protect VIPs and Bodyguards protect employees at the request of a private individual.

Personal bodyguard Cost

Bodyguard protection Bodyguards protect VIPs from unwanted attention from the press, photographers, fans, and possible assailants Bodyguards provide additional security when traveling to or from an event as well as providing security and protection at home. Bodyguard protection Bodyguards provide protection from injury or attack from strangers. Bodyguards are often seen as protective bodyguards since they often patrol the premises where the VIP is staying. Bodyguards protect corporate executives and public figures from being attacked by attackers Bodyguards protect VIPs and other people from possible attack or harm. Bodyguard protection Bodyguards may occasionally serve other functions such as protecting a pregnant woman or someone with a disability.