Brief Look at the Innovations of Elon Musk

The world may be abuzz with the many wonderful inventions of our times but very few of these inventions get the recognition that Elton Musk’s innovations do. The man is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in all of our technology driven times and his many innovations are responsible for making private space travel readily available to humankind. His capsules have become the way for capsule tourists to travel to the outer limits of our solar system. Private space flight is not only the most realistic way to travel to other worlds, but it also allows us to take on more meaningful missions to the moon and to learn about the dark side of space.

It was a rather unfortunate accident when Musk’s first submarine prototype was meant to be the world’s first profitable passenger vessel. The design for the submarine was something that had been in his mind since he was a child, so it was quite a shock to him when the vessel was finally completed and launched. Unfortunately, the US Navy discovered the design too late, so only nine prototype submarines were built between them. Many people consider this to be a shame, but considering the number of people who would like to visit the moon or the stars someday, it’s perhaps not as big a loss as you might think. That’s not to say that Musk doesn’t plan to use the experience for his own business in the future. After all, he co-founded PayPal with PayPal billionaire PayPal founders Steve Wiedlin and Max Kleiser and later became the co-founder of both Bizjet and Bezo.

One of Musk’s many innovations came about because of an experiment that he had conducted with rocket propulsion. Known at the time as the Puffington Bear, Musk built two capsules which were filled with smokeless powder. The capsules actually reached the moon and back, and the experiments led to a better understanding of how some forms of rocket propulsion can achieve the speed and altitude needed for manned space travel. Today’s lunar colonies may very well use this technology.

Another of Musk’s many accomplishments is his ownership of PayPal. This giant payment processor was sold to eBay for around six billion dollars. While many people were skeptical at the time, including bankers, investors, and others in the industry, Musk used the occasion to make some bold claims. He said PayPal will “finally deliver on its mission of making the world connect financial and technology communities,” and that the company will use its new revenue to go on building the kinds of innovations most urgently needed by humanity.

While these are definitely big claims, there is a lot to learn from these innovators. Indeed, there are many areas where their innovations and philosophies have improved lives. They have made personal relationships easier, and transportation and other modes of travel have improved. They have also helped people get access to information that used to be available only to a few elite groups of people. All of this takes place with very little cost to the public.

One of the areas where they haven’t done as much yet is to create transportation vehicles that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. There is a lot of technology already in existence that can do this, but they haven’t found a way to put it to use yet. It will certainly be interesting to watch the innovative efforts of these and other inventors to unlock the future of transportation in our modern world. It’s likely we’ll continue to look to these innovators for guidance as we explore these frontiers. In the meantime, we can look to the examples of these entrepreneurs to show us how innovation works.