British Cats – Information Regarding Their Types and Characteristics

The coloring of a British cat is mainly defined by the coloring of their coat. Each color is defined by the other characteristics:

The coloring of Siamese cats in particular is very varied and there is no single explanation for this. Some of them are solid blue or mocha blues. Some are pure white with silver tipped hairs. A few are really solid black with spots and white tipped hairs. There is not a lot of difference in these British Cats but it would depend on how much grooming the owners give their pets and also on the health of these cats.

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In order to determine your feline’s blood type, you need to have a blood test done to check whether the cat is hypo allergenic or not. Hypo allergenic cats are those who only have mild dermatitis problem and are thus not prone to more serious skin disease. These are known as the cat type II and they have pale skin with gray hair coat and are often sickly. Whereas, the cat type I cats have normal skin color and usually they are not prone to any dermatitis problem and thus they are the cat type I.