City Apartment Rentals

The Walthers Cornerstone City Apartment is an authentic historic high-rise residential building that is perfect for adding character depth to any urban or downtown scene from your backdrop to your scenery. This nine-floor building has a traditional stucco and stone facade, features rich, hand-crafted wood panelling and is decorated with a wide variety of hand-painted murals, glass mosaic tiles and hand-scraped hardwood floors. Each floor even includes an interior courtyard, with an interior stairway and an exterior balcony that offers spectacular views of the city skyline. This stunning apartment is conveniently located between the Pennypack Park and East Rivers Tourist Trail in Philadelphia’s Kensington / Chelsea section. Many residents rent this top-rated flat as an exclusive town home, with many complimentary amenities including:

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The Cipollino Place – One hundred and fifty years old, this elegant, one-bedroom city apartment is conveniently located in Manhattan’s hip East River district. This three-bedroom, fully furnished apartment offers its occupant excellent views of the river and the Statue of Liberty. The exquisite plaster work and hand-carved woodwork throughout the apartment are excellently detailed, while wood paneling is tastefully painted. The two-carriage house has three living areas, a formal parlor, and foyer, and also boasts a vaulted ceilings that are height-increasing. Tenants are offered numerous parking options, and all furnishings, including carpets and upholstered chairs, are covered with exquisite silk.

The Carlyle – Also known as the “Rockefeller Apartment,” this luxurious two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is conveniently located between Times Square and the Broadway theater. The spacious living quarters includes a marble-tiled parlor, a large dining area, and an enormous kitchen. The kitchen, designed by the legendary architect Frederick Law Olmsted, boasts a cutting-edge electronic stove and refrigerator. The foyer, designed by starchicate designer Lee Hull, provides an impeccable entrance, and the elevator is controlled by a heated glass touch pad. All of these features make the ” Carlyle” an ideal place for top executives to call home.

The Carlyle – Even though many new rent homes and apartments have been built in and around New York City over the past few years, there are still plenty of high-quality properties that are being left on the market. That is why when you look for a new rent home or apartment in the New York City area, it is always important to contact a licensed real estate agent or broker who can assist you with finding the perfect property that will meet your needs. A good realtor will not only be able to help you find the perfect home or apartment, but they will also be able to assist you with finding the right broker, taking care of all the legal matters, and helping you to set up your financing for your rental home.

The Living Room Apartment – One thing that many new York City apartment dwellers tend to love about their city is the number of restaurants, bars, and clubs that are located so close to each other. If you are looking for a way to save some money, one way to do so is to apply for a City Apartment on a limited income. In most cases, you can qualify for a City Apartment with a low application fee, and then you will never have to pay application fees or city property taxes ever again! The Living Room Apartment is a great way to enjoy life in New York City without worrying about paying rent.

The Broker Registry – As the broker for a Brooklyn apartment, you will be responsible for maintaining the information on your client’s accounts. However, if you work with a registered realtor, then your job will be made much easier! Registered brokers can help landlords keep track of their tenants, and can help them with any problems that arise.