Definition of Cloud Based Solutions: when referring to

What Does Cloud Mean?

Definition of Cloud Based Solutions: when referring to what exactly does cloud based solutions actually mean, refer most importantly to cloud based services offered through a virtual network. These services are virtual resources like servers, storage, and software. They are typically accessed via the Internet or some cloud computing service infrastructure.

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The cloud solution definition above is just one of several which can be applied to cloud based solutions. In general, cloud services can take on various forms depending upon the specific use. For example, a data center that is accessed via the Internet would be a cloud infrastructure. Likewise, an email service like a webmail service that resides on a cloud infrastructure server is also cloud based solutions. A utility like a phone service that makes calls from a cloud data center is also cloud computing.

Some other examples include healthcare, retail, transportation, hospitality, and consumer products. Basically, cloud based solutions are any solution which is made possible by the Internet and/or cloud infrastructure. Of course, the definition of “Cloud” itself has changed over time. Prior to 2010, a cloud solution was any online service which could be accessed without requiring a client computer. In 2010, however, cloud based solutions must meet certain criteria: they must be based on an IT infrastructure and accessed via the Internet; and they must be offered on a pay-per-consumption basis with no upfront fees charged by the client. Thus, on-demand and pay-per-consumption cloud based solutions are not actually cloud solutions, but are instead the newer type of cloud services.