Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

The most frequent early pregnancy signs and symptoms may include: missed period, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and frequent urination. If a week or more passed by without the onset of an expected monthly menstrual cycle, you may be pregnant. Tender, slightly swollen breasts that are neither bigger nor smaller than the size of your hand. These are also symptoms of early pregnancy and should not be ignored.

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Due to the difference in the menstrual cycles of women, not all women will have monthly periods at the same time or at the same stage of pregnancy. Most occurrences of basal body temperature (BBDT) either begin within one week after conception, or approximately forty-five days after conception begins. Accordingly, the earliest possible indicators of pregnancy will be the same for every woman. Generally, however, all women experience elevated BBT upon conception, with the highest during the last ten days of the first trimester and the lowest during the last twenty-four hours of the last trimester. A fifty-day period is generally the normal duration for monitoring of these measurements.

Missed Period – Many women experience a missed period after the first week of conception. This can be attributed to increased urinary frequency as well as to vaginal dryness. However, this symptom is also associated with many women’s alarm clocks, which may fail to pick up the missed period. In addition, a late missed period is often a good indicator of implantation bleeding, and thus, should be looked upon as a potentially serious sign or symptom of pregnancy.