Examining Music Grads

Conducting examination is the final step before any trainee joins any organization. It is an indisputable fact that the procedure of conducting examination to a fresher is never limited / limited to the examination hall. Therefore, preparing for examination is an incomplete activity devoid of thorough evaluation. Qualifying marks and scanning of answer sheets are an integral part of the entire examination process but primary objective of this examination too is to assess the candidate’s knowledge, ability and readiness.

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Conducting examination in August is certainly tough as it is a time when fresh information about a music graduate is flooding the market. Every fresher is required to present his academic record, so all material items like his course record, school records, academic report etc. must be well collated and documented in order to obtain fair ranking. This is undoubtedly one of the most important days for a music education aspirant as he is being demanded to present his work in the best possible way and pass the exam.

Conducting examination reports in August can be a tiring task for both freshers and experienced professionals alike. Students and other candidates are expected to submit a maximum of two sample reports in form of personal study reports or written examinations for which they are not eligible to receive any kind of acclamation or bonus. Candidates who have not submitted any sample report on the said date may receive a lesser amount of bonus. This is because they will have to pay the cost of having a written report sent by the credit union. In general, most of these credit unions issue certificates to candidates who have obtained a certain score but are yet to present a report to them.