Homeowners Insurance Covers All Types Of Water Damage

Water damage occurs very frequently in different parts of the world and is also known as water damage, storm water damage, flood damage or sewage damage. There are a wide variety of different types of water damage. In case of massive water intrusion into a building the result can be disastrous. The most common types of water damage are leakage related, which is mainly due to poor maintenance of plumbing lines, sinks, toilets, water storage tanks and other similar items. Leaks are very serious problem which you must avoid at all costs.


A major leaky faucet can lead to severe water damage to your home resulting in structural weakening of the building envelope. The major types of leaky pipes are: balled-end, threaded, gravity-fed, sleeve, showerhead, insulating pipe, blocked drain, and faulty connections. All these problems can cause major damage to your house resulting in tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses and damage to your personal belongings. Therefore, homeowners insurance covers leaksy plumbing in full.

Burst pipes are also very common water damage problems. When a pipe bursts there is a huge release of water because of the bursting of the pipe. This can also be caused by various types of accidental leaks. Due to this reason homeowners insurance covers burst pipes in full. The homeowner may be eligible for flood damage reduction if the burst pipes were due to a defective plumbing device.