How to Pick the Right Baby Formula

One of the first decisions to challenge new parents is the selection of formula for their new baby. Often times hospitals facilitate starting an infant on their formula-based diet. However, as a child develops, the need may arise to alter an existing formula diet in place. As such, knowing how to pick the right baby formula is important to any new parent. Formulas are available in a wide array of brands fortified with varying nutritional additives, differing underlying components and use different preparation methods; yet all will benefit the growth and development of your little one.

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Upon discharge from the hospital, many parents will confer with their children’s healthcare provider to select a formula. These highly trained individuals are familiar with how to pick the right baby formula based on brands and underlying ingredients. Together, they work with parents to determine the optimal formula for feeding based on their unique needs. In an attempt to enrich their products, formula manufacturers add a wealth of vitamins and brain enhancing nutrients, such as iron and DHA, to their offerings.

As a baby develops, parents will often note the development of allergies or onset of colic. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer different formulas for common ailments and allergies. Using alternative ingredients such as soy or easily digestible formulas, parents will find plenty of formulas available for use.

Parents purchasing formula will also find an array of available preparation methods. Manufacturers typically offer both powdered and ready-made formulas. Both offer advantages for purchase, but ultimately, a parent should make their selection based on their own individual needs and lifestyle.

Determining how to pick the right baby formula can overwhelm many parents. With the help of your doctor, understanding infant-specific dietary needs and recognizing your preferred method of preparation, parents are well armed to purchase this important substance. Parents should also recognize that no purchase decision is permanent and it is completely acceptable to change formula as babies needs change.