Landscape Designers Creates Residential Landscaping Designs

If you have a small business or a house that you would like to make more beautiful then you should look into residential landscaping design. Designing a garden that is beautiful will not only make your yard more attractive but it will also add value to your property as well. Residential landscape designers specialize in residential and commercial landscaping. They will use their knowledge and experience to help create a yard that is beautiful, safe, usable and affordable.

residential landscaping in Allentown, PA

Residential landscaping can consist of everything from planting trees to shrubs to fountains. Landscaping designers can also create a beautiful outdoor space for you or a business. They can also do your walkways, driveways, patio areas and porches. Just give a call today and ask them how they can help you with your residential landscaping needs.

Before landscaping the entire property, a property owner should first create a land use plan. This will include the number of people allowed on the property, easements and public rights-of-way. Once the property plan is approved by the city or county, a property layout is created according to the base plan. In order to construct the base plan, a landscape designer will create an image map. This image map will show the dimensions of the property, surrounding trees, features, walkways, pathways, and shrubs.