Online Shopping Mall Developed by Mall Owner

One of the largest complaints about shopping malls is the inefficiency and cluttered nature that they seem to create. Shopping malls are places where people go to spend their money on many different items, not necessarily just food. For this reason it is important to have an owner who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his mall clean and running efficiently.

Malls are often owned by multiple owners and thus the problem of inefficiency is compounded by the complications of ownership. One such owner has decided to create an online shopping mall, which he plans to operate with his partners. This mall will serve as both a virtual and literal mall. The online stores that will be featured in the online mall will be those operated by the partners who own the mall. There will be online and offline stores operated by the same partners who will offer the same products and services.

It is hoped that this will create efficiency because each partner will know exactly where to find the products that are needed and will be able to fill orders quicker and with more accuracy than if they were operating under their own names. Because the online mall will be operated and managed by the same group that owns and operates the actual mall, there will be coordination of all of the operations between the partners and among the various stores that will be featured in the online shopping center.

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This online mall owner’s plan is being funded partially by an online business incubator called the Via incubator, which is providing seed money and investing in some of the partners in the online shopping center. Another partner in the online shopping center is a local electronics retailer, who plans to expand his business beyond his current four stores by creating a second store online. Other companies involved are representatives from ClickBank, which handle and approve the credit card payments that are deposited in the online shopping center, and Amazon, which are one of the largest online sellers of goods and services in the world and is known for its customer service standards.