Reversing camera kits

Today having a camera is not uncommon. Cameras are no longer considered luxury items that can’t be owned by everyone. Various types and types of cameras are widely available on the market. Starting from cell phone cameras, compact digital cameras, DSLR cameras, even cameras for parking / car cameras.

reversing camera kits

For new car owners today are familiar with the camera located at the back of the car with a special angle (a reverse camera or rear camera). Because most cars today are equipped with this type of camera. This is a special camera manufactured and designed to be installed on the near the vehicle license plate area, or the car trunk door. Having this camera at the back of your car is like having an eye at the back of your head. This camera aims to help car drivers when they want to park or drive backwards. With this camera, the drivers can see the rear area of the car more clearly, especially areas that are not reached by the rear-view mirror or if the driver turns their head back manually..

What to look for when you are buying a reverse camera kit?

Look for a camera with a wide viewing angle. The wider angle allows us to see more of the objects around our car, even though it means sacrificing image quality.

Always remember to keep the camera lens clean, to get good visibility.

The larger the monitor, the easier it is to see any obstructions. Apart from being mounted on the dashboard, the monitor can also be mounted on the windshield by using brackets or clips.

Most kits will start when you select reverse gear – avoid those that don’t. When the gearing position of the car is no longer in the reverse position or the car is moving forward, the camera will turn itself off. but there are several types of cameras that do not turn off automatically but must be turned off using a special button.


The installation instructions can be lacking in detail. It’s better to leave it to professional ones. This will add a couple of hundred dollars to the cost, but the result will be neat and tidy and hassle-free.

How to use this camera is very simple. when the car is in the Reverse position, the camera installed on the back of the car will automatically turn on. A video display will show an image of the area around the back of the car. This way a driver can determine a safe distance from the vehicle or object behind the car in order to avoid a crash or. The display monitor is usually located in the centre rear view mirror or on the dashboard. For certain types of cameras, not only are the images shown, they can even display distances. There are even some cameras that can provide lane guidance to estimate the space needed when a car is about to park. This guide path is usually adjusted to the steering wheel and car tires.