Stay One Step Ahead With Organic Search Engine Ranking

The organic search engine ranking or SERP has become more of a necessity for online marketers who rely on pay per click advertising to generate traffic. This is because the organic search results include only those listings that were manually picked by the surfer using the search console. No one, not even Google, has a copy of every web page ever visited. So, it follows logically that a website cannot be listed in the organic search result solely on the basis of keyword stuffing. One of the major reasons for this is that most of the web pages listed in the organic search result do not contain relevant keywords.

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Organic search engine ranking requires one to use relevant and rich keywords in their content and website architecture. This reduces the workload of the web surfer who is already overwhelmed with the hundreds of choices on the search engine. The key to achieve good rankings in organic results is to ensure that you place your primary keyword in as many titles, sub-headings and other HTML elements as you can. To ensure that your primary keyword is sufficiently targeted, make sure you are searching for it using different variations of the same keyword. The variations allow you to target keyword phrases with very similar meanings, yet very different enough so that they do not collide with each other.

Organic search engine optimization revolves around keyword positioning. The best technique for achieving organic search engine ranking is to rank well for long tail keyword phrases. These phrases consist of ten or twenty keywords in phrases that have little to no competition. Long tail keywords are ideal because they are less competitive but are highly targeted. An example of a long tail keyword would be “personals”.

One way that you can improve your organic search engine ranking is to submit articles to article directories. Article marketing is a great method for boosting your websites ranking as a whole. However, there is one component of article marketing that is often overlooked: link building. The more quality links you have coming to your website from high traffic article directories like EzineArticles, the better your organic search engine ranking will be.

The biggest mistake that many webmasters make is linking to themselves. While this tactic does increase the relevance of your site in the eyes of the search engines, it is the anchor text that you use to link to your website that actually counts. Your chosen keyword phrase should be in your domain name or URL. If you cannot include both the domain name and the URL in your anchor text, then you are simply creating a “sitemap”. A sitemap is essentially a list of every page in your website. The purpose of a sitemap is so that Google and other search engines can understand what your website is about, not to mention where it is located.

Another organic SEO optimization technique that is often overlooked is using the console. The console allows you to view the keywords that are currently being used by users to find what you offer in your organic search engine ranking efforts. These keywords are very important because they tell Google how many people are looking for what you offer. By monitoring what search volume is being assigned to your pages, you can quickly and easily adjust your anchor texts to make sure you are only sending valuable visitors to your website.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to SEO optimization is the importance of staying abreast with all the latest trends. If you are new to SEO marketing, then you are best suited staying abreast with what experts like Kevin Costner and Matt Cutts are talking about. The best way to do this is by checking keyword rankings periodically. You should also try to stay up on what other people are doing. The Internet is always a vast resource and by staying informed, you will be able to make better decisions and implement those decisions correctly.

As organic search engine optimization is a continually evolving field, the ways to manipulate the search engines has also changed. For example, pay per click advertising campaigns are now far less important than they were just a few years ago. Similarly, social media engagement has become highly important. All of these factors play a role in organic search engine ranking. By staying abreast of the latest trends, you can easily stay one step ahead of your competitors.