Professional Psychology Series: What Does a Clinical Psychologist Do?

Psychologist often times play the role of a counselor or therapist. They help people deal with a variety of problems that they may be having in their personal and professional lives. Psychologists can be found in hospitals, mental health facilities, college campuses, prisons, private counseling offices, research facilities, consulting offices, insurance companies, advertising agencies, entertainment companies, international organizations, real estate agencies, Hollywood studios, and many other places. Most psychologists take at least a Master’s degree in Psychology and often continue on to receive additional degrees.

A psychologist can specialize in a variety of psychological areas. Clinical Psychology is one such specialty area in which there are many subspecialties such as Clinical Psychology and Counseling. In clinical psychology, a psychologist treats psychological disorders and issues like: anxiety, couples and marriage problems, eating disorders, mood disorders, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Social phobia, sex disorders, prescription drug abuse, substance abuse, fantasy and idiopathic sexual attractions and behaviors, neurosis, schizophrenia, alcoholism, self-esteem and self-management, behavioral and personality disorders, school problems, social work disorders, parenting and other family problems, research and medical issues, geropsychology, sex therapy, interviewing, research and testing, psychoanalysis, sexuality, research, sociology and counselling and many more. There are many other areas for the psychologist to explore in the field of clinical psychology. Counseling Psychologists also specialize in a variety of psychological problems like: adolescent, family, couple and marriage problems, GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), SAD (Severity and Depression Disorders), adjustment disorders, SMP (Specialized Mental Processing), trauma, eating disorders, sleep disorders, relational disorders, sexuality and pregnancy issues. They can also treat children and adolescents.

If you want to become a psychologist you should graduate from an accredited college or university. Make sure that your high school or college did not feature a course on Psychology. Attending graduate school will help you get into a good specialization area. A graduate degree can lead to a job as a licensed psychologist in any of the states or territories in the U.S.

In the work settings, psychologists work with people of all ages. Their main focus is on how mental health and wellness impacts society. In work settings, they provide routine and problem solving services to clients. Some of the typical work settings where psychologists work include hospitals, residential treatment facilities, government agencies, consulting firms, schools, mental health clinics, military bases and outpatient clinics.

A psychologist working in the school setting may be involved in counseling, therapy, and group activities. The role of a school psychologist can vary depending on the school district and the state law. The primary focus of the work of a school psychologist is to assist students with behavior and emotional problems to promote healthy decision making, self-esteem and improve learning. School psychologists also deal with conflict resolution situations between students and teachers and parents and students and other school personnel.

There are two types of psychological disorders that a clinical psychologist can specialize in. They can either be certified in clinical psychology or supervised clinical psychologists. Certified clinical psychologists are required to have a Master’s degree in psychology, but do not have to have any other kinds of mental health background.

Solving mental health issues usually requires the use of medication. Some psychiatrists use medication only as a supportive therapy to aid their patients with severe psychological disorders. Some other psychiatrists use medication as the primary form of therapy. Although medication may play a large role in resolving an issue, it is usually not necessary for all patients. Sometimes medication is only needed for a limited time.

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Psychologists working in the clinical psychology field have a number of different responsibilities including research, education and practice. Their main goal is to assist patients with mental health issues, while maintaining a solid practice in the field of clinical psychology. As part of their job responsibilities, they conduct interviews, observe and evaluate the human behavior of patients. A person who wishes to become a psychologist should be accredited by the American Psychological Association.