The Best Fabric For Curtains

Curtains are having a significant role in beautifying the appearance of a home interior. Curtains not only function to close the window but can be a room partition to separate the room from one another. Curtains are usually installed in the window to cover the window. During the day, the curtains can be a barrier to light so it is not too bright, and at night so as not to be seen from the outside. Usually, curtains installed in the living room, bedroom, family room, or a room that has a window. In choosing curtains, you should pay attention to the fabric material. If you choose the wrong material for your curtains, it could be bad for the interior of your home. Choose curtains that match the furniture and interior of the house.

Maybe you will be confused in choosing the best material for your curtains, here are some types of fabric that you can make your curtain material:

1. Fine Satin Fabric

The surface of this fabric is soft, smooth, and shiny so it will be beautiful if seen. This type of fabric also has motifs and many color choices. This fabric is also suitable for various curtain designs.

2. Lace Fabric / Lace Fabric

Lace is a fabric that is often used to make clothes but can also be used for curtains. This type of material is often used for vitrage curtains. Usually for the bedroom or also for the living room. Because the lace is a thin material, it is only used for curtains.

3. Blackout and semi-blackout fabrics.

Blackout cloth can block the entry of sunlight and also the light into the room properly. This material has characteristics that are very soft and smooth and easy to clean. This type of fabric is widely sold in the market. The colors and motifs are also varied so you can freely choose. For semi-blackout fabrics, this fabric has the same function except that its ability to block light is only 80% of blackout fabrics Online made to measure curtains

4. Dimout Fabric

Types of luxury and elegant fabrics. Usually this fabric is used for curtain roller blinds. This type of curtain can be rolled up to create a beautiful curve and widen down. This dimout fabric can also hold light from outside the house, especially sunlight up to 90 percent.

Now, you no longer need to bother choosing and installing curtains in your home. Many curtain companies sell and provide installation services. The company also accepts certain orders based on customer wishes. Customers can choose the type of material, motives, and sizes according to their needs. Curtain companies can also send experts to measure the windows in your home so that the curtain sizes can fit. You can also place an order online. there are many made to measure curtains online that will gladly accept your order. Made to measure online, there is also a special customer service that will help you make choices and answer questions about the order that you will make. Very practical right ?!