Knee Clearance at Counter

Does your company have a counter that needs some type of knee clearance? Whether you are a restaurant, retail store cinema, or other business, it is very important for customers to have a comfortable and safe place to stand while they are waiting on customers. Often customers will move from one location to another while they are waiting on someone and if there is not adequate space for the customers to stand up or to move from one place to another then they will just stop taking their items or paying for them until someone clears their table. If you have ever walked into a restaurant or retail store that does not have proper space for customers to move freely around or move around the counter to get to the items that they are looking for then you know how annoying this can be. Therefore, proper and adequate counter height and clearance height form door knob to work properly for your counter and for the customers to have a comfortable and safe place to stand to wait on customers.

City Attorney door clearance height and shape of door knob need to be adjusting accordingly to work for your counter and for proper sign installation no matter what type of business you own. It is important that there is adequate clearance height from the counter top to the ceiling of the restaurant or retail store to allow customers easy access to the counter or take away foods. There should also be enough clearance height for people to stand and move from one area to another without fear of falling or slipping on any slippery surfaces. The city attorney or property owner of the restaurant or store will most likely have very specific requirements in terms of the clearance height of the counter at their location because of zoning regulations.

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The clearance height for a counter may be different if you need more than one person to stand on the counter at one time. Your counter height and its height from the floor to the ceiling will need to accommodate more than one person standing on the counter at any given time. Sometimes when you are placing a sign on your door that indicates to the customer the maximum amount of space that they can stand on your counter, you may need to increase that counter height. The purpose of this is to create a clear opening for all customers who come through the doors. When a counter height is too high and creates a crowded look on your premises it will create foot traffic problems and that will hurt your profits and hurt your business.