Termite Control – How To Tackle Termite Infestations In The Home

The termite Control is a serious task. In most areas, the problem of termites is one that can only be handled by professionals and they are extremely expensive as well. The most affordable method of termite control, is to do it yourself. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who don’t know how to handle the termite treatment process and end up damaging their property instead of protecting it.

Termites exist underground and in the center of wood. They are small pests that feed on wood and other organic materials. They spread very fast and can cause severe damage to houses. Fortunately, termite control is possible if you know where to find and apply the right treatments. There are several methods of termite control, but the most effective are the ones that are applied underground.

Termite Control – There are a few different types of termite control, which are baits, termiticides, and injectors. Baits are those substances that attract termites and then they release the bait into the ground, attracting termites. You must be sure that you are aware of the type of bait before you apply it to the soil. Sometimes, pesticides are labeled as bait because they really are baits.

Termite Treatments – There are two different types of termiticide treatments available: dry powder and wet treatment. Dry powder is often used for termite control. It is mixed with water and then poured into trenches around the house. This will then be set in the soil around the house, creating a no-entry barrier that prevents termites from getting in.

A Termite Control Trench – This is a trench where termite baits are laid. This is a longer termite treatment option than the liquid or wet-pour methods. When you pour the chemicals into a pipe system, you can only do it once. A termiticide application has to be done regularly. In addition, the long term effect of the liquid and wet-pouring systems is that they are very costly and require a lot of upkeep.

The second method of termite control is a termite colony protection treatment. This chemical barrier is placed under the ground around your house. If a termite colony wants to build a nest in your house, they have to pass through this chemical barrier. If this is done properly, the colony cannot survive long enough to get away from the chemical.

Installing Physical Barriers – If you do not have to seal off the soil, you can install physical barriers, like wooden boards and plastic lids. You can also use metal lids or screens. The physical barrier acts as a physical barrier against termites. When termite colonies want to enter your house, they have to go through one of these physical barriers first, before they can make their way into the underground tunnels.

Aerial Pest Control – There are companies that specialize in aerial termite control. They fly over your property at night, releasing thousands of termite balls that destroy the colony. Companies that perform aerial termite control tend to use more chemicals than the others. This might be necessary so as not to harm the other termite colonies, which are located underground.

Building a Foundation – A lot of people think that if their house is near a concrete or wooden foundation, it will not cause them any problem. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Termites actually prefer to be on dry wood. Hence, you need to make sure that your foundation has been properly sealed. As a result, when termites are present in your house, they will not have access to the moisture present in the soil.

The Infestation – Now that you know what type of environment termites prefer, you can start looking for signs of an infestation. Usually, termites will manifest through tiny holes in the wood. Once these holes start appearing, you can be sure that termites have made entry into your home. Some signs of an existing infestation include mud tunnels, distorted timbers, mud tunnels under the ground and droppings.

Wood Treatments – Termite control can be effectively done by using bait stations. Bait stations are simply tunnels riddled with bait. In termite speak, these tunnels serve as entryways for the pests and allow them to move from one area to another. As termite infestations are spread out and happen over a wide area, using bait stations will greatly help control them. You can install these stations near wood entrances, attics, crawl spaces and in the outside wall of houses.

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The Barrier – One of the most effective means of preventing termite infestation is installing a barrier at the perimeter of your house. This barrier should be constructed of materials that resist termite attack. The best materials to use are bricks and wood. New construction projects and those where the foundation has been damaged are good places for this kind of barrier.

When to Call Radar Pest Control for Roach Control?

Dealing with cockroaches at home has never been easy. But you don’t need to give up yet since you can call your Radar Pest Control professionals to help you handle the roach infestation in your house effectively. In some cases, you can control the cockroach infestation by yourself. But there will be times when you really need the help from professionals. You should call your pest control provider once you see the signs below.

When you can’t find the source of the problem

To make the roaches gone for good, you will need to take down the source of the problem. That includes their infestation place, entryways, place to stay, food source, etc. In this case, your professional can do a quicker and better job than you.

When the roaches are overwhelming

Depending on your location, you might have to deal with different kinds of cockroaches. There are many different types of roaches in the world. But the most common types are the Australian cockroaches which sizes range from 25 to 35 mm. The other types that you will find in most Australian regions are American Cockroach, German Cockroach, as well as Oriental Cockroaches.

The American cockroaches are the largest of all types. The adult roaches can whop to 2 inches. This type of roaches might raid your home for food, but most of them are outdoors. If you have a garden, yard, patio, etc, you must be wary.

The German cockroach is much smaller. It measures only 1/2 inch. It lives indoors. So, you may find them more often than American roaches.

When you see these types of roaches, you will want to call your pest control professionals immediately to help you out with the matter. In this case, the number of roaches in your home is probably too overwhelming to handle by yourself.

You’ve come across roaches too often

If you see only one or two roaches on a daily basis, you might be able to handle it by yourself. Over-the-counter products are often problem solvers. When a single German or American roach comes across you, that could be the sign of a serious infestation at home.

If you see too many Australian roaches both inside and inside your home, you don’t want to wait until the case gets worse from time to time. And when you watch for more roaches coming across you on a daily basis, you should be sure that your house already has a serious infestation.

You must quickly call radarpestcontrol professionals to help you to handle the pests problems at home.
Let Radar Pest Control do the hard job

As we know, controlling roaches at home is a huge deal. They are the most common pests found in your home. You can actually control the roaches through prevention. But when the season is too harsh for your environment, most cockroaches would prefer to stay at your home rather than getting out there. It is when you want to reach out radarpestcontrol.com.au for a great pests infestation solution.