The customer service and delivery at Classic Firearms

It is hard to find a company that embodies The Golden Rule better than Classic Firearms. This Christian owned business strives to provide the highest quality military surplus products at the lowest price. Founder Rick Jones and his team offer competitive pricing and superior customer service. Located in Indian Trail, North Carolina, this company started in 1989 as Classic Arms. Whether you are looking for a handgun or a rifle, you can be sure you’ll find it here.

Revolvers are a classic firearm, with barrels made of steel, which imparts spin to the bullet. Their action is controlled by pulling a trigger. The hammer then releases the hammer to fire the cartridge. This action feeds a new cartridge, expelling the spent round. The revolver has five or nine chambers, and the cylinder resembles a rifle. The revolver has five to nine chambers, and the cylinder is short and curved.


Replicas made to replicate firearms from the past are also considered antique. However, newer firearms are subject to additional restrictions on ownership. These restrictions can vary depending on the type of ammunition, the manufacturer, and the type of ammunition used. If you want to check a gun for authenticity, you can always visit an antique gun shop. They have an extensive inventory of firearms and ammunition. Just remember to take care of background checks before purchasing a firearm.