The first layer of shingles is known as the underlayment

Roofing is the process of covering a building with a protective layer against the weather. This process includes the construction of the supporting structures and materials. The roof of a building protects the interior of a structure from weather conditions and provides shelter from the elements. The term is used to refer to the covering that covers the top portion of a building. It is an integral part of the building envelope. Its purpose is to provide a secure environment inside the building.

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Among other uses, the roofing is crucial for a building. It protects the interior from weather, is aesthetic, and can be constructed of different materials. Some of the most common roof types are flat, domed, and pitched. Roofing felt protects against water leaks and helps the water drain from the roof. Depending on the shape of the roof, bitumen can also prevent rot and mold. Despite the numerous benefits, the roof of a building is not complete without it.

If your home has multiple layers of roofing, it is a good idea to use layers of shingles. The first layer of shingles is known as the underlayment, and the second layer is called the reroofing layer. Both layers have their advantages. For example, it is best to run the butt of the shingle over the other side of the peak, while bridging allows you to use a smaller amount of shingle material.