The Ninja Throwing Stars and Why It Works

When it comes to ninja throwing stars, there are three things you need to know and understand. First, the throwing star itself is a hard covered metal disc. The star, which is known as the nunchaku, is held securely between two hands with the center of the disc acting as its grip. The second part of the object is what holds the star together and determines its flight path once in the air. Finally, a ninja’s movements are fluid and quick so he can quickly make several throwing attacks in quick succession.


The first thing you should know about ninja throwing stars is that they were originally used as ninjutsu (the art of ninjas) by Japanese samurai warriors. While the skill for throwing the star was eventually adopted and used by other warriors, it took a great deal of time for it to become common among the general population. This is because, in ancient times, only the samurai knew how to use them. Only through years of study and practice did it become a technique that was used by most samurai warriors throughout the world.

In contrast to ninja throwing stars, ninjutsu means “the way of the hand” in Japanese. This art was taught to samurai warriors by the legendary ninja master Hidashi Sokaku. Because of the great popularity of ninjutsu in the world today, many schools and colleges now offer ninjutsu as a part of their curriculum. A major part of the training is learning how to wield the powerful shurikens, which are much like throwing stars, but are much smaller and lighter. Although the techniques and strategy involved are different between the two, the training is largely the same.