The Role Of Skincare In Protecting Your Skin

Skincare is the collection of practices which support healthy skin, improve its physical appearance and alleviate various skin conditions. Skincare is very important and almost all of us spend some time on our skin. It helps to keep skin supple, moist and also protected from environmental threats. Skincare includes prevention of damage due to environmental factors, maintaining the natural balance of the skin and its maintenance, repairing of damaged skin and regeneration of new cells etc. Skincare includes various types of skin care products which are used to maintain the health of the skin and make it look attractive.

Hada Labo

Various ingredients are used in skincare such as vitamins, botanical extracts, herbal extracts, mineral oils, preservatives, aromatics etc. Some ingredients which are commonly used for skincare are: vitamins A, C and E, beta carotene, flavones, hesperidins, retinol, hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera etc. Skincare generally consists of three major steps such as exfoliation, detoxification and moisturization. Skincare products which contain ingredients such as vitamin A or vitamin C will help in the process of exfoliation. These ingredients help in shedding dead skin cells which is the main activity of exfoliation.

Skincare should not be equated with cosmetics as skincare products which are composed of drug ingredients are not as effective as natural ingredients in skincare. The best types of skin care products are those which contain ingredients which are not drug ingredients. Some of the best ingredients are Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and CoQ10. These ingredients are not drug ingredients because they are naturally occurring substances. Natural active ingredients are those which have the ability to stimulate cell growth, increase collagen level, rejuvenate injured skin, cleanse the skin and provide antioxidant such as vitamin A and C which are essential to maintain the skin healthy.