The Top “Moe” Female Characters of All Time

What do you think about “moe” characters in every anime of your favorite? They might be not the main characters of the series. But their existence is definitely important to add more vibe to your favorite anime.

The cute anime characters will make your day. Not only because of their appearance which is being cute, but also their behaviors and personalities, as well as the way they think which will bring up the anime vibe to be more dynamic.

This is not the common list so you might expect something new here.

Kobato Hasegawa

Kobato Hasegawa is one of the most favorite anime characters from the Haganai series. She is cute and delusional. Yes, she is!
She is a Chuunibyou, which is the term to explain a delusional behavior that defines a person who thinks that he or she has special powers that no other person has. But it is the cuteness of her. She thinks that she has Gothic vampire’s powers.

Yuki Kusakabe

Interviews with Monster Girls is probably the underdog anime that is often missed by fans radars. However, it has such strong characters of the 4 Demi-humans. One of them is Yuki Kusakabe. She is the snow girl. Her attendance in important scenes really gave me a vibe.

Latifa Fleuranza

Amagi Brilliant Park is one of the best anime that I’ve ever watched. And through this anime, I have found the overwhelming cuteness from my favorite character, Latifa Fleuranza. She is real. She is straight. She knows what she wants. And she is charming. She’s got everything to make her irresistible “moe” anime character of all time.

Chinatsu Kuramoto

Chinatsu Kuramoto is one of the kids that you will want to have around your house if you want to have fun. Although she is only 8, she is very smart, even smarter than some adult people out there. Her cuteness is real.


Serara is a support character from Log Horizon Anime. She is an empathetic, loving, and caring character. For me personally, her cuteness is overload! She has the ways to bring each scene of the anime memorable with her attendance. Log Horizon will never be great without Serara. And if you need a vitamin “C” (cuteness) today, you will really need to see Serara. You won’t regret it.

Anime Characters

Madoka Kaname

I love how Madoka Kaname makes the changes in the series. She is the sweetest mage anime character that I have ever seen. She has the purest heart and naive nature. In every decision, she thinks very carefully because hurting someone is the last thing she’d want. But she has hurt my heart many times when she was annoyed by some annoying characters in the anime.

Kanna Kamui

Miss Kobayashi is a 2017 production anime series. Kanna Kamui is a dragon who lives with the protagonist of the series, Miss Kobayashi. Kanna is cute in appearance. She is an introvert and shyer. But she is a good thinker and caring person. But there is nothing that can beat her cuteness in the entire series. And because of her innocent cuteness, Miss Kobayashi is often weak against it. And she often feels guilty if she’s rude to her.