Tips to find healthy superfoods supplement

Superfood supplement manufacturers often claim like “nothing is more complete” and “provide optimal levels of vitamins and minerals” so consumers have little room to think otherwise, right?

It’s no surprise that some consumers taking superfood supplements assume that they can easily take them and throw away their multivitamins or mineral supplements – and perhaps some or all of the other supplements they will use for support and daily health.

If you also think so, or have already cancelled your automatic shipments of multivitamin and other minerals, here’s how to find out if your superfood mix is as good as it should be, and have it work overtime for you!

You can take a superfood supplement instead of a multivitamin, as long as two conditions are met. First of all, Sunergetic superfood formulas need to provide a validated Supplementary Facts panel that lists all the essential vitamins and minerals you previously obtained from a multivitamin, and provides them in comparable dosages.

If a superfood formula doesn’t reveal the minimum amounts of essential vitamins and minerals per serving, or hides them behind a “matrix” or other proprietary blend, then only one in two possibilities.

The first possibility, the Company knows that their product is undervalued and will go against their impressive marketing.
The second possibility is that the Company has failed to invest in any analytical testing of the products it markets.
In either case, I suggest you look for a more transparent superfood formula to buy.

The second condition is that you consume a well-formulated digestive enzyme about 15 minutes before you start drinking your superfood shake. In most cases, I also recommend that the shake includes (or that you add) certain key ingredients to increase the absorption of essential nutrients that are usually so bad from plant foods. This second condition requires more unpacking.
Any Sunergetic supplements that are worth taking – including basics like protein and multivitamins – should only be a supplement to a realistic, progressive training and well-planned nutrition program.

What do you want to do, and how do you want to feel? These goals should inform what you eat, how you exercise, and what supplements make for your hard-earned money.

If you think any supplement will allow you to lose steam in the gym or follow a solid diet, you are preparing to be devastated by your supplement.


Get enough rest and keep life’s stress under control
No supplement out there can beat getting enough rest, keeping mental stress in context, and limiting your exposure to people who poison you and sabotage your ability to achieve your goals.
Try to choose a Sunergetic superfood supplement that is certified organic and contains dark green leafy vegetables (DGLV), as it is an excellent source of nutrients including folate, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber. DGLV has the potential to reduce the risk of disease. chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes type 1, 2

Health is important and must always be maintained. Respect your body as a whole, and you will have a better chance of achieving your goals without wasting a lot of time and money along the way.