Tree Benefits – How Trees Help Protect Our Environment

Trees are known to provide a wide range of benefits, some of which are very tangible, and some of which are less obvious. In the past, people didn’t give trees much importance, other than for their ability to provide shade and a place to sit, and as long as they didn’t affect the air quality of a home (which they usually couldn’t), they didn’t mind. However, as people have begun to realize how valuable trees can be and how much they enhance the atmosphere, people are starting to pay more attention to them, including companies that are marketing their products using the idea of providing “green” trees that will improve the quality of the air in a home, enhance outdoor decor and add beauty to the landscape.

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One of the biggest tree benefits is that they shade a property. If you don’t have many trees on your property, especially in an area that experiences seasonal weather changes, you might consider purchasing or installing a few to protect the underside of your roof. In general, shade trees provide shade to a property by blocking the sun from penetrating through the leaves and into the structure of the roof, which can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred from the interior of the house to the exterior, and reduce the amount of cooling costs associated with the property. They also allow homeowners to use their extra space during the summer months without having to spend money to cool down the structure of the house by opening the doors and windows, which reduce energy expenses.

Trees are also known to help prevent diseases by reducing the incidence of pest activity. This is particularly important in urban environments where a variety of pests can take root in abandoned buildings or other areas of a city. As urban trees continue to age, they become more susceptible to disease, so it is important for urban dwellers to plant trees in the city and keep them within a tree friendly neighborhood. As trees spread out from the center of a city, the area becomes more susceptible to air pollution and other forms of air pollution, so planting trees around an urban center is one way that tree benefits can be increased. In fact, research has shown that trees play a significant role in air quality, which makes trees very important to the health of individuals who are sensitive to air pollution and particulate matter (PM).