What Does a Web Designer Do?

Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of web sites. The various fields of web design concentrate on web page layout; web content development and style; web navigation; website marketing and promotion; web site coding and programming; image and video file management; scripting language use and configuration; database and user interface administration. Web designers often also deal with coding for hypertext systems, client-side scripting, integrated animations, and other client-side programming features.

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User research is an integral part of the web design process. It involves collecting and analyzing user feedback, which helps designers determine the needs and requirements of potential customers. User research usually takes the form of survey either online or through other methods such as questionnaire and questionnaires. Survey results are used to modify the functionality, appearance, and usability of web sites.

Another important aspect of user research is usability analysis, which looks into identifying and addressing problems that may arise from the use of a site. Usability analysis helps web designers make a site that is easy to navigate and using which users do not experience any problems. The other main concern of user research is usability testing. This is done by evaluating how well a site will be used by people from a variety of age, gender, educational background and communication skills. Many user research surveys focus only on one or two issues, but those who conduct a more comprehensive survey will look into all possible concerns users might have and conduct a consensus report.