What is a Directory of Other Newspaper Publishers?

A new wave of news publishing houses have appeared on the scene in recent years. They are modeled after traditional print publications, with newsrooms filled with cubicles and reporters typing articles and making sure they all appear on time. But unlike the conventional print media, the Internet news publishing houses have websites where people can subscribe to their news feeds and get email newsletters as well. Although most news publishing companies offer some kind of news distribution, such as digital news, wire services and print distributions, it has become increasingly important for news outlets to use websites to publish their news stories. The news organizations are now able to reach a worldwide audience through the use of websites and web journalists that have mastered multimedia and web site design skills.

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News publishing houses need to provide a directory of other newspaper publishers in their region so that they know what other publishers are selling and advertising their news stories. When a publication begins offering a directory of other publishers in their state, they are giving their subscribers a one-way connection to news about their area. This allows the readers of a publication to search for information about the business in their area and to subscribe to their publication. Many news publishing companies also include links to other business news and local information on their directory of publishers. Publishers can be very selective about the categories they choose and can tailor the listing of categories to meet the needs of their particular business sector.

Listings of other newspaper publishers in a particular geographic area are very important to a local newsroom. For example, a sports section that wanted to feature a sports magazine could request that its category of news be added to the directory of publishers. The same would apply to a food and drink publication. By adding the category to the directory, the sports department, food and beverage department and local newsroom will be more effectively able to target readers who are interested in the type of news they publish.