What Is an Air Duct?

An air duct is a passage or conduit used in the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems. These systems use ducts to distribute supply air, exhaust gas, and return and exhaust water. The supply and return air is generally part of the same system. The ducts are often insulated, but are not completely sealed. The purpose of an insulated piping system is to prevent moisture buildup. A well-insulated plenum can help keep a room or building comfortable for everyone.

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Fabric ducts are flexible, made of plastic over a metal wire coil. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, with the most common being 6 to 12 inches. Depending on the type of duct you need, they are also available in different colors and options for decoration. In the United States, fabric ducted are made with glass wool, while those in Australia are made with polyester fiber. The insulation is surrounded by a protective layer that is usually polyethylene or metalized PET. Depending on the size of the duct, it can have a diameter of 4 to 18 inches.

There are several types of air duct materials available. Metal ducts are the most common, but you can also choose a fabric hose. Whether you need a standard or insulated duct, there are many options available. If you want to avoid building dust, consider fabric hoses, which are a healthier option than insulated ducts. They are much easier to maintain, and they repel dust and other airborne contaminants, making them a popular choice for homeowners.

There are different types of air ducts available. All types offer exceptional air distribution. Sheet metal air ducts are the best option for the long term because they are not porous. The sheet metal hose is also less likely to develop mold, which makes them an ideal choice for people with respiratory issues. They can also be lined with either an internal or external fiberglass lining. This means they are easier to clean. You can choose between different insulated hoses to meet your needs.

Flexible ducts are made of plastic over a metal wire coil. The material can be porous or non-porous. In most cases, a fabric duct is made from a porous material. This material is porous, meaning that it repels dust and other airborne contaminants. They tend to be more durable, but they can still get damaged. However, it is still important to make sure that the duct is insulated properly to avoid the risk of fire.

When it comes to air ducts, the best choice for your home is one that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. It can be decorated with fabrics that have a pattern or design similar to your existing decor. If you choose fabric, you can choose between non-porous and porous fabric. During construction, you should make sure that your HVAC system is off and that no one is occupying the space where the ducts are located.