What kinds of till rolls that you use every day?

Usually, after buying groceries at the supermarket, making payments, making money transfers via ATMs, you will get proof of the transaction in the form of a small sheet of paper. The paper contains the transactions that you made along with other important information. This small paper is paper that plays an important role in the transactions you make. Well, the paper that you often encounter is called till roll. Till rolls are rolls of paper for use in cash registers. This paper has many types and almost all shops and restaurants now use this paper to print their receipts. Here are two types of till rolls that you can find in everyday life.

1. Thermal paper is a paper that has a special layer that is sensitive to heat on one side. This kind of paper is used by entrepreneurs/business people. Currently, almost all restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, and various other types of businesses use thermal paper to print slips or receipts for proof of their transactions with customers. With a thermal printer, printing is easier, more effective, and efficient. The surface of the thermal paper is coated with a dye and matrix mixture. Even though it looks the same as plain paper, the thermal paper has chemical properties. Thermal paper uses the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) for coatings because of its stability and heat resistance.

till rolls

The BPA allows inkless printing of receipts from cash registers. Apart from containing BPA, the thermal paper also contains BPS. The coating on the surface of the thermal paper which is coated with a mixture of dye and matrix will react with acids and change color when heated above its melting point. Keeping thermal paper close to the body for a long time can harm your body. Try to touch the back and sides of the roll paper as it usually contains less BPA. There is a special way to find out whether the shopping receipt you receive contains BPA / BPS or not. Scratch the side of your shopping receipt. If there are dark marks, it could be that the truck contains BPA. Do not store thermal paper for too long. If you want to avoid the BPA and BPS toxins that are in the thermal paper cart, start throwing the paper in the trash as soon as you don’t need it.

2. ⅔ ply carbon rolls

2/3 layer carbon coils in our daily activities. Carbonless 2-ply paper rolls are designed for high-quality prints and receipts. The prints can be durable and easy to read. You can use 2/3 layer carbon rolls in various receipt printer machines and various receipt printing machines at the checkout. You can choose two or three plies according to your needs. With this paper, you can print both the receipt and the copy. Printing has become more practical. Paper and carbon usually have different color combinations, for example, white-yellow-pink or white-yellow-white. Or, some have one color. This carbon roll paper is available in several sizes depending on the printer machine you are using. You can use this paper in cashier printers, credit card printers, or kitchen printers.