Why a Limited Manufacturers Warranty From the Date of Purchase Is Essential?

Have you ever had to inflate an air mattress manually? It takes much more effort than normal to do that. In fact, a manual pump is much more trouble than it’s worth. And, most pool and beach toys only pump up so easily anyway.


Pancake air compressors really are the best solution for inflating air mattresses. Not only are they easy to use, but they also work much better than a manual pump. Even a small inflatable can get inflated much easier using one of these. Plus, with a limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase, pancake air compressors really are a no-brainer. You get everything you need, and you won’t run out of air.

The basic set-up consists of a nozzle with a handle, a clamp, and some bolts and screws. Some Pancake Air Compressors even has a plastic carrying case, but you will not need this. If you are using a smaller, less expensive compressor, you may not need a carrying case at all, and in fact you can save by not buying one at all. Anyway, all you need to keep your Pancake Air Compressor clean is a clean rag and some water.