Why Hire a Security Chauffeur?

A personal security chauffeur is quite different from a regular limousine chauffeur. They possess close protection and advanced driving skills which allow them to keep personal principals safe in tricky situations. While on the move, there are several threats, both on the road and off, and other motorists are nearly impossible to control. The constant on the road can lead to accidents and serious injuries. With an experienced Bodyguard on call, motorists are put at unnecessary risk.

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In the event of an accident or other emergency, Bodyguard cars offer a secure transportation option to drivers. This service also offers a safe alternative to allowing motorists to continue on their way, especially when traffic is heavy. When there is an emergency, it can be a difficult decision making as to which vehicle to use. Limousines do not offer passenger safety and security and have limited medical services should an injury occur. With a Bodyguard on call, motorists can safely leave the vehicle and get to the nearest medical facility.

There are many different legal requirements that a person must meet before being allowed to drive. It is important to get the most experience before attempting to obtain a driving licence. Many people get their first motor vehicle permit without fully understanding the rules and regulations that apply. Without experience behind the wheel of a car, it is easy to make mistakes that result in a suspension of the license. A personal security chauffeur will ensure that you meet all the legal requirements before obtaining your license.

In many jurisdictions, there are strict requirements for those seeking to obtain a driving licence. An experienced Bodyguard will not only provide close protection operatives who know the traffic laws and safe driving techniques, but also have knowledge of the legal requirements that must be met in order to obtain a CPL. A CPL holder will be able to legally drive any automobile that he or she is allowed by their country to drive.

The majority of countries require individuals to obtain a CPL before they can legally drive any type of vehicle. Many provinces in Canada require vehicle licensing prior to driving any type of vehicle, so it is imperative to consult with a security vehicle chauffeurs specializing in CPL applications before making any decisions. While most countries will allow individuals to apply for a CPL online, in some provinces applying online requires payment of a fee. It is best to hire a trained advanced driver with experience in Canada before completing an application online. In addition to ensuring that the CPL has been awarded, an experienced close protection vehicle driver will ensure that the roads are safe and ensure passengers remain secure.

Close protection vehicles provide a highly efficient method of transporting delegates, executives and members of the media safely between venues. While delegates can take comfort in the knowledge that a bodyguard is at hand to protect them, it is important that they realize that security chauffeurs are not bodyguards in the traditional sense. Rather than being dispatched by a uniformed, armed police officer, personal protection vehicle drivers will be professionally trained to react to emergencies and concerns in a manner that best protects the individual. Bodyguards hired by a security chauffeur company are typically assigned to one single VIP client, so it is essential that the hired bodyguards have a good relationship with each individual client. In order to ensure a professional and long-lasting relationship, security chauffeur companies will ensure that all personal requests are met with professionalism and class.

Professional security chauffeurs will possess high quality driving techniques that include evasive driving techniques to keep dangerous drivers off the road. Close protection vehicle drivers are trained to stop rapidly to make an evasive turn, depending on the situation. They are also trained to change lanes when needed without unnecessarily slowing down. Most professional security chauffeur companies use luxury vehicles like Mercedes and BMWs, allowing their clients to look and feel like they are traveling in the best cars in the world. Some companies offer customized luxury vehicle options to better fit each client’s needs, providing custom tinted windows, bulletproof windows, climate control and hi-fi entertainment systems. Additionally, all luxury vehicles come equipped with state-of-the-art security systems such as GPS tracking, panic buttons and remote emergency entry, so that security services received from a hired driver is higher than what would be received from a uniformed unarmed security guard.

A good security chauffeur company will conduct an evaluation of your company’s current security needs before selecting a specific luxury vehicle to accommodate your needs. They will then assess your driving licence and any other requirements, as well as the security requirements of any other guests to your events. If you are required to wear a bodyguard’s uniform, your vehicle will need to meet the same strict standards as a uniformed police officer. Hiring a qualified, professional chauffeurs ensure your guests arrive in safety and style while giving you peace of mind knowing your needs are top priority.