Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Air conditioner maintenance starts with keeping the condenser clean. The condenser is located behind a door above the blower motor. You can use a soft paint brush to remove dust and debris from the coil. Then, spray the condenser with coil cleaner. You can also purchase drain pan tablets to help prevent algae buildup. These tablets cost $3.50 for six. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the unit thoroughly.

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Before you can clean the condenser unit, make sure that it is powered off. Then, look for signs of overheating, such as blackened or melted insulation on wires. Check for loose connections and capacitors with an electrical test meter. If you are unsure of how to clean or maintain the condenser unit, you can call an HVAC professional. You can also schedule an annual maintenance visit with your local HVAC expert.

Having your AC serviced regularly will keep it running at peak efficiency and close to the original factory specifications. It will also save energy because it won’t have to work as hard. It will keep you cooler faster because it won’t have to work so hard. Furthermore, you can take care of small problems and other issues early on. In fact, most simple repairs can be done in the course of a maintenance visit. It is important to consult an HVAC expert if you are not sure how to maintain your system.

The next step in air conditioner maintenance is to clear out the unit. Before cleaning, turn off the power to the air conditioner unit. This can be done at the main electrical panel. You can also try using a hand brush to clean the fins. If you have trouble removing dirt, you can try a butter knife to twist them back into shape. When cleaning the condenser, make sure that you have enough space on all sides.

Performing an inspection of your air conditioner is essential to its efficiency. Its components need to be maintained regularly to avoid serious damage. The technician will check for corrosion and rust. The technician will also inspect the vents and ducts. The furnace will draw in air and send it through the system. Inspecting the coils will help you determine if the system is working properly. Lastly, it is important to replace dirty filters to maintain the cooling capacity of your air conditioner.

In addition to cleaning the coils, you should also check the evaporator drain. The drain helps the air conditioner drain its excess fluid. If this is clogged, it can cause the air conditioner to leak vapor or fluid inside. If this isn’t fixed, the system may have to be replaced. A regular maintenance will ensure that your air conditioning system is working as efficiently as possible and that it is working to its full potential.