Close Protection Officers (CPO)

If you are considering hiring a Bodyguard to protect you then it is important that you consider carefully exactly what the job entails, its pay scale, the skills of the Bodyguard, and most importantly, the experience and training of the Bodyguard/Bodyguard Company you are interested in employing. Bodyguard as a profession requires an adequate level of fitness and physical strength as well as good mental ability, which will also factor into the Bodyguard’s pay. A Bodyguard must be physically fit and possess extensive experience in law enforcement or military discipline. They must also possess the required experience to maintain you and your household safe from any threat that may come.

A vip close Protection London officer must have excellent communication skills to talk with people of different ages, backgrounds and races and understand their mentality. A Bodyguard/Bodyguard must also have knowledge in firearms. A Bodyguard/Bodyguard will also need to know how to use body armour to defend themselves in the case of an emergency and how to arrest suspects. In case of an attack by a stranger the close protection officer must be able to determine the attacker and where he resides.

Bodyguards hired by companies and individuals who are in the entertainment or film industry, are usually hired to protect celebrities and other VIPs from the risk of being assaulted by fans and photographers. There are a variety of Bodyguard services which include escorts, stand-by guards, transport and accommodation and also bodyguard for special events such as music festivals and high profile concerts. Private Bodyguard companies offer a wide range of Bodyguard and Close Protection Services.