Different Types of Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is an automated machine using one or more spinning blades to cut a lawn surface into an even height. The height of the cut lawn can be set by the layout of the lawn mower, sometimes by the style of the drive unit, but usually is controlled either by a master cylinder, which usually controls all the machine’s moving parts, or by some other mechanism. The spinning blades of a lawn mower are attached to a motor that causes them to spin rapidly, much like the fan on an electric fan, and the movement of these blades tends to make the blades cut quickly and at a steady rate, thus producing a clean cut. There are many different kinds of lawn mowers to choose from, and some are more suitable to certain types of lawn than others.

Lawnmowers fall into several main types, including those that are self-propelled or walk-behind, and those powered by pushing, either by hand or with a powerful motor. Self-propelled lawn mowers, such as the push mower with its two or four-wheel drive, are most suited to small areas, where a lawnmower that does not need to be moved is ideal. These types of lawn mowers are best used in tight spaces and in homes with limited space. Push lawn mowers are also good for areas where it is necessary to have a smaller cut and greater control over the direction of the grass cut. Pushing lawn mowers are also good for areas where there is minimal traffic, since they are easy to push along the grass and do not require much effort on behalf of their users. This type of lawn mower is most often used in golf courses and other sporting clubs.

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Walk-behind lawn mowers are mowers that are pushed by the owner or user. Most walk behind lawn mowers are propelled by an engine that is in the cab or can be located inside the engine compartment. An engine is most appropriate for cutting large areas that require more than just a few strokes from a lawn mower. Such areas may include lawns that are too large for a push engine to handle. A walk behind engine is usually only suitable for cutting smaller lawns and is great for residential areas with small yards.