Entertaining news and current events

Entertaining news and current events, as well as in depth features on celebrities, current big hits in the music scene, and the latest in Hollywood entertainment news are among the many features Entertaining News brings you in its exciting and thought provoking shows. Current events, breaking reports, celebrity news, international news, and much more are what Entertaining News brings to viewers at various cable television stations in Indonesia. Entertainment news has always been one of the most popular genres of news broadcasts for both local and international viewers. Entertaining News is a leading news television format infotainment that features fascinating news from all over the globe based on relevant facts and reports that airs on the popular Indonesian TV station aired on NET. The news show features interviews from experts from around the globe who discuss significant issues in the field of entertainment and other related fields.

Entertaining News features entertainment news from some of Asia’s most respected media giants such as Star News, TV Today, and TV Report Indonesia. These are shows that provide insights from the finest of Asian media production. They also broadcast their popular segments across the globe such as “The World”,” countdown to zero”, “The Today Show”, “epsis”, and “The View” to name a few. Other notable news shows include “The New York Times Best Sellers” that provide an insightful look at the best selling books and movies of the month, and “Inkura”, a new night time talk show hosted by Rumi Amin.


Entertaining news and entertainment news show on television in Indonesia can be viewed anywhere in the country. With access to broadband internet, viewers have a wide variety of options to choose from, including local television stations, national networks, streaming video sites, and various websites that offer a wide variety of entertainment news and entertainment shows. The world is quickly becoming a center of attraction for all sorts of news and entertainment shows. All major networks and television channels now offer content that covers all sorts of topics with a daily dose of entertainment news.