The Confederate Flag was a symbol of the American South

The Confederate Flag was a symbol of the American South during the Civil War. It contains seven white stars on a blue canton, and three alternating stripes. The original design represented the seven secessionist states of the U.S. Deep South. Eight additional stars were added later to represent the states that later joined the Confederacy. The Confederate flag has a width-to-length ratio of two to three. The star-centered banner became the official flag of the Confederate States of America on March 5, 1861.

The Confederate Flag was designed with a blue background, white stars of each state, and three stripes. The flag looked different from the Union flag, so it was difficult to tell them apart, especially from a distance. This confused people during the Battle of First Manassas, which led to confusion about the colors of the two flags. However, it was not just the war that contributed to the controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag.

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The 13-star Confederate Flag was originally used to signify the border states of the Confederacy. It was first displayed at Ben Johnson’s house in Bardstown, Kentucky. Later, it was adopted by the Confederate navy as their battle ensign. It is considered to be one of the most prominent and iconic symbols of the Civil War. The 13-star flag has a rich history, and is still a symbol of Southern pride and heritage.

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of the South, and was created after the end of the war. It was designed by Nicola Marschall, a Prussian artist. It is also often the symbol of the Southern Confederacy. It was used to represent the Confederate States of America. Its main characteristic is the eagle. The starfish is the primary element of the confederate battle flag. The starfish is the symbol of the Union, and the triangle represents the southern region.

The Confederate flag has long been a symbol of white supremacy. The Confederacy was founded to preserve slavery, and the flag represents that. The flag is also a symbol of white supremacy. The flag is a reminder of the South’s past. It is a symbol of the era that is rooted in racism. It has been a controversial symbol since it was created. The eagle’s feathers are white and black.

The Confederate flag was first used as a national symbol during the Civil War. The Confederacy used several flags during the war. The “battle flag” became the most widely recognized during the Civil War. It was also adopted by the Sons of the United States and became a popular symbol of white supremacy. Today, the flag is a powerful and symbolic image, representing the South. The star on the flag is a powerful symbol of the Confederacy.