The phrase brings back memories of fat gain, bloat nausea

Women are so amazing that it’s mind-boggling at times. I am sure you’re thinking that we’re two women, and so this self-praising sounds like a little excessive.

However, consider it for a moment. Our physical appearance is drastically different from those of the males. We must train almost twice as much to achieve any significant gains at the gym, and our genes are programmed to accumulate more fat than males due to the different hormonal makeup of our bodies.

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Let’s admit it that our bodies were designed to be used for raising children, not the heavy lifting or figure contests. Whatever the case, whether babies are your goal or not Your system will try to create the most comfortable and soft environment to help your baby grow throughout the first nine months of their existence.

Nature’s plan.

It’s also interesting the possibility that if you’re seeking to avoid the onset of pregnancy, you’ll probably experience an increase in hormone imbalance and even more dramatic consequences of estrogen hormone performing its function.

Aren’t sure which one I’m talking about? The phrase brings back memories of fat gain, bloat nausea, vomiting, spotting, blood loss, mood fluctuations and even extreme headaches. It’s a simple phrase that has lots of force. Ready?

“The Pill.”

The majority of people who have taken contraceptives for birth are aware of the potential adverse consequences. This is to be expected when hormone levels change by any means, your body will let you know about the changes.

Birth control pills consist of progesterone and synthetic estrogen (or in some instances only one of the two). Since menstrual cycles and Ovulation are controlled by hormones, this rise causes a myriad of changes in the reproductive system that leads to the prevention of pregnancy.

As any female in the fitness industry is aware, we do to reduce the hormones that affect females within our bodies. We are all aware that higher levels of testosterone, coupled with lower estrogen levels, are vital to a sense of health and well-being.

It’s testosterone that helps us gain lean mass, reduce fat storage, increase sexual desire, ward off that “I’m PMS’ing-leave-me-alone” mood, keep our skin healthy, and our minds sharp. The excess levels of testosterone’s opposite hormone estrogen have an opposite result on our bodies.

It is evident that increasing your own levels of estrogen by getting on a pill may sound more than insane. However, it’s considered a must by the majority of women. A lot of us take the unpleasant adverse effects and then learn to live with the negative effects of a less-than-perfect hormonal balance.

In the end, what else can you do?

This is the question we’ll address with this post. I’ve conducted extensive study on the subject and have also questioned a variety of bodybuilders and fitness competitors about their experiences using contraceptives for birth. Each one of them has found the right pill for her. Whether it’s a lower dose of estrogen pill or a more effective alternative that works while keeping the hormone levels at a minimum suitable to her intense fitness routine and ultra-lean body targets.