There has been a massive increase in sales of bottled water over the last ten years

While we tend to think of the contamination of drinking water as something that occurs exclusively within areas of Third World, it’s not! Even the biggest American cities that have the most modern treatment facilities could have drinking water that’s contaminated. Wherever you are and if you’re concerned about safeguarding the health of your loved ones, you have to be aware of this issue and know the best ways to address it.

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When we think of drinking water contamination We immediately think of Sub-Saharan Africa, or some conflict-stricken region of the Middle East. The type of water contamination that we are thinking about is outbreaks of waterborne disease such as cholera. While I’m not denying the gravity of the global water crisis However, I’d like to highlight that the developed countries, just like that of the United States, have issues with contaminated drinking water. The only difference is that our water contaminants differ.

There have been studies conducted within research conducted in U. S. recently that have discovered all kinds of pesticides and prescription drugs in our drinking water. Ralph Nader’s team conducted research on various American drinking water sources and discovered more than 2,000 carcinogens that are known to be present in our water. An investigation of recent times in 29 American cities revealed pesticides in the water that was treated in the entire 29! Although drinking small amounts of an anti-cardiovascular medication isn’t likely to cause death in the immediate long term, the impact of this kind of contaminant aren’t fully known. Certain researchers believe that there is a connection between the myriad of chemicals that we encounter within our water and the increasing cancer rates.

It’s true pollution of water sources is an problem in America as well as other advanced nations! The most important issue is what do you do to safeguard you and your loved ones?

There has been a massive increase in sales of bottled water over the last ten years (to the point of creating a new ecological risk – millions of non-biodegradable plastic containers)! Certainly, bottled water companies profit from our concerns about the quality of water that is pumped out of our taps. It’s a shame to say that bottled drinking water will not be your answer to the water quality issue. Bottled water is equally likely to be affected by contamination as tap water or even more! In fact, there are less federal regulations governing bottles of water than tap water regulations. About 70% of the bottles of water sold aren’t subject to federal regulations as it’s not shipped across states’ boundaries.

There is only one option: filter your water at your home! All you have to do is learn more about which types of water filters work most effective. There’s plenty of information available on Web regarding this subject. In order to protect your family from water-borne illness and ensuring their overall health is only an easy click away.