Top Survival Minecraft Servers for Beginners

The survival mode in minecraft is one of the top categories because it has such wonderful elements that can make all of the gamers captivated. Many returning players join with multiple survival minecraft servers to attain more dynamicity in their gaming experience.

The survival mode is very challenging because it enforces the Minecraft players collect resources, manage hunger, battle, build structures, and strive to be able to survive. Here are the top survival minecraft servers which are friendly and suitable for the beginners.


If you are fond of farming, Cultivate can make a great choice since it is the best Farming Survival Server out there. The survival mode offered in this server include Peaceful collaboration, Farming-based, Hostile Mobs, Jobs, Crates, and many more. Pick the mode that you want and have a nice experience.


The survival minecraft servers are not created equal since there are many elements and components to present in the mode. In this case, you can enjoy the classic Survival for the best. There are also other important components such as Factions, Vanilla, as well as Skyblock.


The Manacube offers several game modes including Survival. It has whitelisting players and a friendly community. The moderators of this server are all awesome. They work closely with the players so that the experience can be fun and satisfying.
There are also some plugins that you can choose. You can easily find Survival Games right there.


This network is a bit huge. And you can add this into one of your survival minecraft servers favorites. There are several servers like Sky Wars, Skyblock, but more importantly the Survival mode. If you have just started your passion in the minecraft survival mode, perhaps this place is your thing.


McAim comes from various servers that are never less than the players. So, no matter what game mode of the minecraft you are fond of, you will always be able to find your peers in playing. The Survival mode is available here. It also comes with various plugins to enjoy.


mineSuperior is more generic than other servers in our list. It has various game modes to follow including the survival mode. But what makes it one of the best survival minecraft servers we recommend is tons of their new features and ideas that are almost endless. If you like the elements of surprise, joining with this server will lead you to them.

survival minecraft servers


It is rather a new option in our list. This early survival minecraft server comes with 1.12.2 version with the fantastic custom plugins and different scenarios for your characters. The achievements and rewards are competitive. If you are planning to play the survival mode long enough in the future, then this place is a great option for you.

Minecraft Central

Minecraft Central is a huge network which hosts around 3 million players across the globe. Chances to find your peers here are pretty massive. The survival games are easily navigable in this community. There are a lot of plugins and components that you can enjoy there too.