Learn the Truth about Vitamin and Supplement

Despite the fact that shelves of the stores are filled with the latest and most popular supplements for health and the internet has thousands of websites that claim they offer the most effective product on the market, the majority of supplements offered to you are a total unnecessary waste of cash and time.

After reading this, you’ll not fall for falsehoods ever again. You’ll have the information to make informed buying decisions. The knowledge is based on real scientific research and solid data.


So , stop the habit of flushing your hard-earned money into the drain and begin enjoying the health benefits of healthy supplements.

In the current media landscape, it’s very easy to get caught in the glamour and glitz of media and marketing buzz about supplement products that are available.

However, you must think about whether you really want to shell out for an attractive package and awesome website, or do you wish to invest your money to a product that can be able to deliver on its promises and give you the most nutritious food for your body?

Seems like a stupid question. I’d imagine that most people would prefer an item that is effective. If you’re planning to invest money in it why would you want to dump it all into the toilet?

There’s a huge variation in the supplements for health and wellness available. Certain are worth the money while others (no regardless of how cheap) are completely useless. The reason for this is that your body doesn’t take in the supplements, and it goes through your system and then into the waste you expel every day.

The supplement and vitamin companies who manufacture the products don’t want to be aware of this since as a shrewd person, you wouldn’t invest your dollars on something that won’t perform, no matter how impressive the packaging is or what claims are made in the advertising.

Many nutrition companies don’t invest the time and don’t want to spend the money to make organic supplements that are bio-available in your body. The human body was designed to receive nutrients from food and not from processed food products that are synthetically processed..

It is time to think “Why should I not take a healthier diet of natural vegetables and fruits, and choose healthier alternatives when shopping?” This is an excellent idea that could help. The problem is that foods you purchase, including your vegetables and fruits do not have the nutritional quality you need.

Look at a few of these issues:

A majority of the food we consume today does not contain the essential minerals and vitamins that are required. Farmers are even part of the world of business and their main focus is volume, not quality.

Food crops are grown as fast as is possible by using pesticides and fertilizers.

The soil that plants are growing in has been stripped of minerals that are natural through continuous gathering of crop.

Produce is picked before it is ready so that it is fresh and not rotten by the time it is delivered to the supermarket. Produce picked too early is of little nutritional value.

Food that is canned and processed has been cooked to a point that it is able to eliminate the majority of the nutritional value. Even the fresh fruits and vegetables purchased bought from the supermarket can contain the nutrients removed by cooking it in the kitchen.

Organic labels do not provide assurance of purity or ensure that it is in any way.

I also discovered that it takes approximately 53 peaches to achieve what is known as the RDA in Vitamin A when it only took about 2 peaches for the same amount 50 years ago.

It’s clear that supplements are an essential part of our lives today. They allow us to obtain every vitamin and mineral that we require without consuming massive amounts of food.

However, as I mentioned earlier there are many different supplements that are all created to be the same. Like you would select the most nutritious foods for you to consume and choose all natural supplements that are able be taken up through your body’s system of elimination is your best solution.

It’s no harm to take supplements that aren’t being absorbed through your body. These synthetic supplements just have a blast through the digestive tract of your body on their way to the trash.

For the most effective supplement for your needs make sure you examine the source that you buy products from. Here are some things to look out for to make certain the supplement will be worth the time, effort and expense

Does the business:

Do you follow Good Manufacturing Practice and maintain conformity with this standard?

Find out about the products and run clinical tests?

Check the ingredients of supplements for authenticity?

Be sure that you have the right supplements available for the body to absorb them?

Do not use too much temperature in the manufacturing process so as not to destroy its nutritional content?

Utilize only natural substances in the supplement , and not synthetics?

Test the product with independent third party sources?

Produce products that are classified as food items or are they drugs?

All this information should be readily available. If you aren’t satisfied with the information you get or the answers are kept from you, then it’s a great decision to go to a different firm and to avoid these kinds of supplements completely.

Two important things you need to be aware of:

A mere 10% of synthesized vitamin gets absorbed, compared to more than 90 percent of a naturally occurring food vitamin.

A recent study suggests that the probability of selecting an effective, non-toxic health supplement out of the huge range of supplements accessible is 2.5 percent. That means that there’s an 97.5 percent chance that, you will not be able to verify the authenticity of the product on your own, you may choose a product that could be harmful for your health!

Make use of this information. It can help you make the best choices when buying vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The most effective choices are modest since the majority of supplements are all synthetic or comprised of synthetic minerals/vitamins as well as certain whole foods. In the past 40 years the government declared that there was no distinction between a synthetic and natural vitamin. Therefore, the majority of businesses chose the less expensive and easier route to create supplements.

The choice is yours to choose ….

You may decide to buy synthetic supplements which are poor in absorption, and may cause harm to your health and utilize the majority of their capacity to supply synthesized nutrients into your water.