Types of Air Conditioners and Their Uses

Air conditioners are air-conditioning units that are intended to regulate indoor temperatures using convection. A fan in the form of an impeller draws hot air from inside the building, through an opening in the ceiling and draws it outside. An air conditioner draws heat from the inside of the building and transfers it outside, into the air where it can be cooled down. An air conditioner can regulate the indoor temperature, relative humidity or quality of air. More specifically, an air conditioner alters the temperature, relative humidity or overall quality of air in a specified area.

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Central air conditioners are large units that can cool up whole areas of your building. The compressor in the unit sucks in cool air from inside the building, passes it through a series of heat exchangers and compressor fans, before it is released outside. Because the compressor is located in a central location, these types of air conditioners can be more energy efficient than other types. They work by pulling in cold air from inside and pushing hot air out, so they require less electricity to operate. They also have the advantage of being able to pull warm air in from the outdoors, which cuts down on the need for artificial ventilation.

The evaporator in an air conditioner takes warm air from inside and changes it into a gas called Freon. This gas is then pushed into a condenser, where it condenses back to water. This process is reversed when the warm air returns into the building, turning it again into Freon. The liquid is then compressed and stored in a condenser coil. An air conditioner uses this process multiple times during the summer to cool air indoors and store it in refrigerators and air conditioners to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Single head split air conditioners are used more in small homes and offices, because they are simple to install and use. These single head air conditioners do not use the same system as window air conditioners, but they can still effectively cool an area large enough to house the machine. In addition, many single head air conditioners come with their own thermostat to regulate the room’s temperature. However, because the machine is so small, many homeowners do not have the space needed to install a multi-head air conditioner. In addition, most single head air conditioners use Freon instead of refrigerant gas, so they use a lot more energy than their multi head cousins.

Portable air conditioners are quite popular in homes and small businesses, since they are both affordable and take up minimal space. While most people think of window air conditioners when they think of air conditioning systems, portable air conditioners can cool just about any room in your home or business, and are often used for cooling pools, garages, and storage areas. Because of their portability, these air conditioning units can even be moved from room to room, should the owner wish to move somewhere different in the future. However, air conditioners that are used for these types of cooling applications typically need to be maintained every few years or so, in order to prevent damage or malfunction.

Refrigerant air conditioners work by using refrigerant to transfer heat from one location to another. As the name suggests, refrigerant transfers heat from outside temperatures to air temperatures inside your home or business, using heat-receptors in the refrigerant to transfer the energy. As the refrigerant cools, it pulls cold air from inside, forcing it into your surrounding air. Cold air is pushed through wires that send the electricity to your registers.